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Perseid Meteor over the Roaches in 360 degrees

It was relatively clear yesterday evening so I took the new Insta360 Pro camera out to the Roaches for its first test of it's abilities at night time photography and with the hope of maybe capturing the Perseid meteor shower. I wasn't sure how well it'd perform at this task, with relatively small sensors compared to my DSLR but it is remarkably proficient considering.
Amazingly during one of the time lapses I set up we spotted this particularly bright and long lived meteor - the remnants of the trail lasted for a good 20 or 30 seconds so I was really pleased to see that the camera had captured it.
Uploaded here at 4K resolution though the original is at 8K and can even be processed in 3D for anyone considering licencing please contact me.
Please share but don't steal, thanks.

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